Days After 9.3.2 (God Mode, Max Durability)

Days After: Survival Games
  • Android 5.0
  • Version 9.3.3
  • Size 140.1 MB
  • Need Updated version!

Days After MOD APK is a survival simulation game built on a post-apocalyptic theme after the zombie pandemic from the publisher REACTGAMES STUDIO. In the game, with a gun in hand, you will find all ways to survive in the harsh environment of a world full of enemies.

Introduce about Days After

Do you think you are strong enough to survive in a world full of zombies and beasts?

Progression and gameplay 

Days After begins with a mildly threatening line “From now on, your life is all survival”. Next, you will choose your character, male or female, with a solid and temperamental image. In the game, the tasks are displayed in the middle of the screen. Listing and statistics of the performance (%) of the tasks along with the HP column will be lined up along the left corner. The right side is for the minimap, important items, and weapons that you collect.

Days After 9.3.2 (God Mode, Max Durability)

Your task in the first stage is to collect as many items as possible to build a house, the only shelter in this dangerous world. You must work very hard, travel non-stop by moving and choosing a hand-shaped button for the character to collect items. When you are concentrating on work, you have to be very careful because zombies can appear to attack at any time.

Each level in the game is shown in days. Only on the first day with the task of building a house, you already have many things to do such as: find a favorable location to build a house, find a hammer, wood, leather bag, and light a fire… Is this enough to visualize the amount of work you must do in the next day? The more work you do, the busier you will be. The names of the levels are also quite attractive and suggestive like Day 1: New day new house; Day 2: Little man in Big world.

At this time, you still have food from the surrounding areas to survive through the days. But then they will fade away. So, in parallel with building a house, you need to grow some things yourself such as rice, corn, pumpkins, potatoes. Moreover, you need to hunt and find mushrooms in the forest… When you start widening the scope of searching for items for your essential needs, the number of enemies begins to increase.

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In Days After, what you need to defeat is not only these increasing zombies but also the wild animals in the forest, the nomads trying to take over your home and food source… When all these appear at the same time, in groups, at fast speed, some of them still hold weapons in their hands, your survival becomes more difficult than ever.

In the game, the items that can be used are circled in green, so identification is easy. But you need to remind yourself whether to stop to pick them up or not because the backpack you are carrying is limited and you will also lose some time instead of focusing on doing more important tasks. High concentration, proper prioritization order, and quick reaction to unexpected situations are the secret to surviving the longest in Days After.

Days After 9.3.2 (God Mode, Max Durability)

Later on, things will get more thrilling with very real situations. For example, your character may meet a kind girl who is lucky to survive in this world, and the two of you will fall in love. The zombies will come more and more, threatening your small family’s life. The evil people outside even want to take the girl away in exchange for everything from you. You will do everything possible not only for yourself but also for the person you love.

Graphics and sound

Days After has almost no background music. The only thing to bring emotions to the climax is the dry sounds, as clear as your lonely presence in this ruined world. The sound of footsteps, the sound of hammers hitting the tree trunks, the screams when the zombies appear, and the shrill sound every time you shoot… are designed in detail. There may be not many, but enough to make you feel extremely haunted.

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Days After’s 3D graphics are really impressive to me. You can move all four dimensions in this game. The character movement is rhythmic, the objects are of reasonable size, the actions of grasping, catching, shooting, running, building… are all very real and neat, without any feeling of force. The context in the game is also horizontal, which is both convenient for tracking developments on a large scale and depicts your loneliness in the zombie world.

My general comments about Days After

The battle for survival in Days After has never been easy, right from the first day. You will constantly face hunger, thirst, extreme weather conditions, bloodthirsty zombies, equally cruel survivors, wild animals, and many other lurking dangers.

Following every progression in the game, you will live a life that is too hard just to survive. But when there is a new motivation, such as a lover, sometimes the survival instinct in you will become stronger and more drastic than ever. The principles of survival from food, water, shelter, weapons, fighting ability, defense… all will take you as far as possible.

Days After 9.3.2 (God Mode, Max Durability)

The game is not for those who give up quickly or are easily discouraged by stressful situations. “Calmly handle everything”, “always on high alert” and “decisive”, with these three things, you will be able to overcome anything. In the end, you will both survive and protect the loved one, and even more, you may find out the cause of the virus that has invaded and turned almost all of humanity into zombies.

MOD APK version of Days After

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • Max Durability

Download Days After MOD APK for Android

Let’s play Days After now! You will feel extremely blessed when you are living your peaceful days under your roof, with the people you really love. Sometimes I think if I was thrown into a world like in the game, maybe before I died of hunger and thirst, I would have died of loneliness and fear. Well, the game is great, don’t wait any longer! Get it here!

Download Days After 9.3.2 (God Mode, Max Durability)

What's new update

- Optimization and fixing bugs;
  • 4.4
4.4 (98381)
Download Days After 9.3.2 (God Mode, Max Durability)
(140.1 MB)
App Info
  • App Name Days After: Survival games
  • Package Name games.alternativa.projectv.test
  • Updated
  • Required Android 5.0
  • Version 9.3.3
  • MOD God Mode, Max Durability
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